Hollywood Sapphire Group Officer Roster

    Chair:  Michael Lehmann Boddicker            Vice-Chair: Duke Aguiar          

Treasurer:   Ron Streicher         Secretary:   Nick Koff          

Program Committee:        Duke Aguiar, Rick Morris and Nick Koff            
Membership Committee:  Marshall Buck , Shelley Herman and Tom Hilbe




As the Hollywood Sapphire Group grew in size, so did the responsibilities. There was the problem of finding a qualified speaker, for example, or entertainment that would be of interest to the group; someone to send a cheerful note to members on the sick list; condolences and flowers in time of sorrow, and so it came to be that Ernie Knight, a fully attending Charter member, was elected permanent Chairman of the Group and it would be his job to take care of such matters until it was that, for a great long while - and nobody can quite remember how long that last long while was - we were graced by the ever-entertaining Oliver Berliner as Chairman. When Olly (sadly) retired, and his Dictatorship having moved to Maryland, he appointed Bill Hogan to carry on the HSG tradition. And so it was for a few years, until Bill was overwhelmed with business opportunities that prevented him the time for service and the group elected (forced) long time member Aspen Pittman into the HSC Chair. Aspen was Chair from 2008-2016 and has assumed the title of Chair Emeritus.

 Our Ever-Jovial, Ever-Jewel-Boxing, Past Chairman Jolly Olly Berliner   

Ron Streicher is Treasurer of the Group. As treasurer it is Ron's job to collect payment for dinners. As a result of his excellent work, we seem to have no slackers or freeloaders in the group. 


Nick Koff is the Group's Secretary. He has been in charge of handling the details of meeting announcements. He receives instruction from the Chairman to notify each member about the monthly meeting and to spam the group periodic announcements. He also runs this website and is compensated for the cost of the domain name renewals and hosting fees.

Not only historic, but patriotic too!

That red record was a gift from the HSG to Oliver upon his "retirement" as chair, it was an original copy of his Grandfather's early flat disk record. Oliver's grandfather was Emile Berliner who is credited with inventing both the microphone and falt disk recording....he sold his patents and ideas to RCA and also created "Nipper" who is that dog looking into the Berlinerphone captioned as "His Master's Voice."