Aspen Pittman, Chair


“Founder of Aspen & Associates from 1978 to present as consultant to various audio firms and tube factories. Founder of Groove Tubes in 1979, acting as CEO until the sale of GT to Fender Musical Instruments Corporation in 2008. Author of the Tube Amp Book (140,000 copies in print). Designer and manufacturer of 13 original vacuum tube designs. Holder of 5 audio related utility US and Foreign patents, most recently the Center Point Stereo technology, now under license to Fender Musical Instruments and others. Nominated for numerous TEC awards and actually won one for Microphones. Owner and operator of Aspens Place Recording; “Old School meets Pro Tool,”  a 32 all-tube channel signal path to HD focused on major format live recording facility located in the old Groove Tubes factory...and generally a Godfearing audio gentleman seeking truth and tone.”


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