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Oliver Berliner, former Chair

1977 was quite a fashionable year for the outspoken Mr. Berliner. Here for your viewing pleasure we present to you the December 1977 AUDIO Magazine article "Wags and Tales" by Mr. Oliver Berliner in convenient PDF form.

An original Berliner Concert Grand Gram-o-phone record.


Olly in more recent years with yet another obsolete magazine article.


Here's news from Olly dated June 3, 2003

Dear Gang,

I've just received a sad letter from Sharon brown, daughter of Alice (91) and Sapphire founder Harry Bryant (92). She says that both parents have been moved from an assisted living home in Banning to one in Long Beach, where both are suffering from severe dementia. Though very frail, Harry is occasionally able to remember Sapphire and a few of us. He's also had a couple of pneumonia attacks.

As for yours truly, I'm suffering from the Biblical 40 days and 40 nights... plus 20... of rain - the worst here in decades! (And I gave up sunny California for this?!) And my dog hates the thunder and lightning she finds the darkest corner in the tiniest room and shivers. However, she does love romping over the 4 acres, chasing varmits and pointing at deer (altho' the concomitant deer ticks are a constant menace to all of us.

We've bought a peddle boat... the Ginny B. Bozman, MD., which I'm going to motorize; no sense overworking the limbs. I'm here for a rest, right? More trivia to follow. Luv ya'll... and miss (one or two of) you, too. Expect to be back in August when there's no meeting. ha ha.

Yours Truly,

Oliver Berliner
Chairman Emeritus

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