Rest in Peace our brother David Baskind


Dear Sapphire,

I am beyond saddened to inform you that our good friend, David Baskind
passed away on August 23, 2005.

I phoned him, today, August 30, to check on him, his wife, Lois and his
mother after the hurricane.  She just returned my call and broke the

According to Lois, he developed some kind of abscess on one cheek that
then appeared on the other cheek, and he developed worsening symptoms.
By the time he got to medical attention, he was very ill.  I do not know
all the details, but the cause of death was listed as aortic

Dave was my good friend, my co-inventor, my partner and my teacher.  He
was always quick with a smile and generous to a fault.

Anyone who knew him knew his brilliance.  I will miss him dearly.

Harv Rubens

I knew David too, both as friend and as a design partner.  He was real smart,
very intuitive, and creative too. David did our  first Model One mic and got
me started in the mic business in the process.

But my most memorable feature was his uninterruptible large smile and good
nature... seemed he was always in a positive mood and was sensitive to yours
and tried to keep to the bright side of life.  I will miss him, and his many
friends here at GT will miss him too.

I am comforted by the knowledge that David finally found his soul mate and
love of his life Lois, whom he married. Love was late to find David in his
life, but then some of us never find that peace.   It is also comforting
that David was at peace with his God, or so he had said on one occasion we
spoke about it, so then I plan on seeing him again when I pass over to that
great Master studio in the sky.


Dave was a very good friend to me and did much work on my mono to stereo
invention.  I too am greatly saddened by this news.  Thanks for letting me

Dick Broadie