Rest in Peace our brother Bill Isenberg


On Wednesday, February 6th, William H. Isenberg passed away from natural causes. Bill — or as
his friends knew him “B-I” — was one of the more ubiquitous members of the LA audio
community, and since the early 1970s was known and respected for his talents as a circuit designer,
field technician, and all-around on-call “technical guru” for many of the most prestigious
manufacturers and recording studios in Southern California.

A native of Appleton, Wisconsin, Bill’s future career in electronics and audio became evident while
still in high school. After a short period of study at Lawrence University he joined the Air Force in
1964, rising to the rank of Tech Sergeant, specializing in electronics technology. While on duty in
Thailand, he serviced radar equipment on F-105 aircraft, which led to a position following the
Vietnam War with Lockheed in Marietta, Georgia, working on radar for the C-5 cargo plane.

After moving to Southern California in 1972, Bill worked for and with a number of companies,
including: Audio Engineering Associates, Capp’s Electronics, Cetec Vega, Filmways Audio,
Groove Tubes, Harman Pro Audio, Hollywood Sound Systems, JBL Loudspeakers, Jensen
Transformers, Litton Westrex, Marshall Long Acoustics, Pioneer Research, Record Plant Recording,
RTS Systems (Telex), SAE High Fidelity, and Seymour Duncan Pickups.

As a long time member of the Hollywood Sapphire Group and the Los Angeles Section of the
Audio Engineering Society, Bill was a contributor to numerous technical presentations and
workshops for both organizations and served as the AES Section’s Treasurer for several years.

A memorial service will be held in the Faith Chapel at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills, on
Wednesday, February 20th, at 10:00 a.m. 6300 Forest Lawn Drive, Los Angeles, CA.
He is survived by his brother, John, of Pasadena. He was 69.

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