How to become a Member of Sapphire (or not)



Audio Design for the Hell of it
16161 Nordhoff Street, #209
North Hills, California 91343-3003
phone: (818) 893-6438    fax: (818) 893-6478                                
October 3, 2000

To The Hollywood Sapphire Group

I hereby propose that we impose the ignominy and onus of membership in our organization upon Mr. Tom Reichenbach, of CineMag Corp., a.k.a. Cinema Magnetics.

What can I say about Tom?  He is a shy man who recoils from the spotlight.  His life is constantly in a state of flux.  His is a story with many turns, but at the core of it is a man with a charming, magnetic personality.

Through his products and design expertise, he has done numerous good turns for many of our members and literally transformed their products.  If you were to visit his shop, you would find so many I's and E's lying around that he would qualify as a preferred vendor for Wheel of Fortune.

Despite my attempts to shield him from this unruly mob, he shows no reluctance in succumbing to our polarizing influence.  Therefore, I wind up this letter by formally proposing that we induct Tom Reichenbach into our organization, and grant him admittance to the domain of the Hollywood Sapphire Group.